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Spa w Hotelu SPA Srebrny Dzwon

SPA Hotel Silver Bell in Kadyny very charming place, located in a water environment and forests, where the energy is good for the body and spirit. Here you will find a stylish, intimate interiors, delicious regional dishes and delicacies worldwide delightful restaurant, located in the basement of the hotel.
In 2011, there was the spa and wellness center, which is designed for the most demanding clients. Every day spent here will make bliss and relaxation clear out the stress, tension and fatigue. Our SPA & Wellness center offers a range of specialist services, including water therapy, facials and body treatments, a variety of massages and slimming diets. Ayurveda and holistic approach to the human body will allow you to take a trip to the land of deep serenity and harmony.
Welcome to the multi-day and weekend spa packages and Day Spa. We are able to provide our guests tailored to their needs, body care, slimming, detoxification and wellness stays with many attractions. All this in order to spice up organized in our training and conferences and individual stays.
SPA by the sea is a very good choice. SPA and Kadyny the Vistula Lagoon is a very attractive solution. Nearby Masuria, Vistula Spit, Frombork, Elblag, Malbork and Tri-City are frequented by guests who still prefer to enjoy the charms of Kadyny, relaxing in the garden, on the beach or in the cabinets of our SPA.
Here, time passes more slowly, and the spirit and body back into balance

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